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How much does a new patio cost ?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The easy answer is $27-$42. But it is not easy at all. There are many factors to consider. Like the type of pavers you like. The layout of your yard, does it drop off the face of the earth 10 feet from your door if so their is a cost to buying and trucking material. With the cost of trucking skyrocketing lately it just adds up. I think one of the biggest factors in cost is what kind of access do you have to the project. If you have a back yard that you cant get to with a decent size skid steer or excavator, then all the materials that need to taken out and brought in have to be done by hand. This means more labor. At the end the finish product will look the same but its what you don't see that cost the most money. The pictures below show different layouts. The one on the left was built at the edge of a cliff. they had to build up six feet just to be able to build a patio. The one in the middle was wide open you could get the machine right where it needed to be and it was flat. the third one had good access to the yard but you had to use a small machine to go under the deck. These are all roughly the same size but they all have much different pricing. So the real answer is it depends.

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